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I'm Speaking About Node.js at GR DevDay

Posted on October 17th, 2011

GR DevDay is going to be held in Grand Rapids, MI, on November 5th, and I’ll be speaking about Node.js and the Express framework. There’s still time to register, but the number of seats is limited. Hope to see you there!


Server-side JavaScript is what all the cool kids are doing, and it’s exploding in popularity. We will start with an explanation of Node.js, how it is different, and what it buys you. Then we will talk about installation, and some cool tools and package options that you may want to use with it. After we get started with Node, we will introduce Express, which is a popular Sinatra-like web framework that allows developers to quickly create websites. Express comes with a template engine, routing functionality, and simple dependency management systems, and we will show the code to put it together. When it is all over, you should be able to start constructing sites using the Node.js, and you will have ideas about where to go next.